Our commitment to cutting edge and modern curriculum will be apparent. Grammar is a tool to use while learning another language - it is not the language itself. We will work very hard to ensure this language instruction experience is done by immersion methods - simply doing various activities in German!

Example Lesson:

For St. Nikolaustag in Dezember, we will use colored paper, scissors, glue, and glitter to make Nikolaustag Stiefel (boots to set outside for treats). Perhaps, if they've been good boys and girls, the next time they come to school, they will have a treat in their boot. 

What did the students learn or work on in this lesson?
- directions
- colors
- vocabulary (boot, treats, to cut, paper, to glue, etc.)
- cultural element of the holiday and the tradition
- more! 

This is just a quick and easy example of the variety of activities we will be doing during our school day at Central Kentucky German School.

Students will be assessed after the end of the first year of German School (don't worry, it's not a standardized test!) to determine their proficiency level - we will have set general goals at the beginning of the year, and will chart our growth while setting a new goal for the second year (the ultimate goal, of course, is being proficient in German before you reach high school!).

After our full curriculum is complete, it will be posted here - you will be able to see exactly what we do each day.